Protect your Confidential Business Data!

Allow your employees and business partners to securely exchange encrypted messages and files - in any size. Keep control of your communications!

NEW: Exclusive whitepaper Trusted Data Exchange for download!


Even more security: password check against leaked passwords

SEGULINK will now check your password against the list of passwords discovered during past security incidents. This prevents insecure passwords from being assigned. SEGULINK uses its own service for this purpose, whose database currently contains more than 550 million passwords - including the passwords of the recently published Collection #1.

You can also use this service Online or operate it as an installable version in your own company and integrate into your services via WebAPI.

New: Digital Signatures

Printing, signing, scanning, and resending were earlier. With the module for electronic signatures, digital signatures can be attached to any document. For this purpose, use SEGULINK's own certificates, import a certificate from an external certification authority or sign with your biometric signature.

The electronic signatures can also be generated with the company's own certificate - an electronic seal. Be fit for eIDAS!

New: SEGULINK Blockchain Connector

Use SEGULINK to transfer your data not only securely but also verifiably: using the blockchain technology. This means that content, time and recipient, as well as whether the recipient has downloaded the data, can be proven by the blockchain transaction.

We operate the connectors for the selected blockchain for you.more ...

SEGULINK in the Open Telekom Cloud

Segusoft GmbH is an official partner of Telekom Deutschland GmbH and can now operate its data exchange platform SEGULINK in the Open Telekom Cloud. This provides our customers with a secure and efficient infrastructure from Germany.

In addition to data protection aspects, the advantages of fine-grained billing with (almost) any capacity can also be realized in OTC. more ...

Add-In for Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 available

Encrypt and transfer files directly from within Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 with the new SEGULINK add-in. This makes using SEGULINK as simple as writing an email.


End-to-end encryption

Your files and messages are securely encrypted, before they leave your device. Only the recipient can decrypt the data.

For files and messages

Protect an arbitrary number of files - without size limits. You may also only encrypt your message.

Traceable and controlled

Compliance for your data exchange: Keep track of what was sent and received.

With your account

Authenticate yourself with your already existing accounts. You don't have to memorize an additional password!

In the Hybrid Cloud

Use your business storage or your preferred cloud storage providers for exchanging encrypted files and messages.

Or directly!

You can also transfer your files and messages directly - without any intermediate storage. Simply from App-to-App.


Easy handling

Use your dashboard for an overview about which files have been sent to you, or what you have sent to other participants. Directly go to your inbox, the key management or get a summary about former activities in the reporting center.

Ad-hoc data exchange

Your employees and business partners are able to exchange files and messages, even without registration with SEGULINK. Every authenticated user has an individual upload area for business partners.

Keep control even after sending

Define exchange rules, e.g. how often a message can be downloaded, when a message is obsolete or that the recipient can only view the transferred documents inside the SEGULINK application (for PDF documents).

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